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Yin Yang Drip Ribbed String Crop Tank - Black

Yin Yang Drip Ribbed String Crop Tank - Black

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Luz Crew presents the Ribbed String Crop Tank in black with screen printed yin yang drip details.

Ribbed, super soft, breathable, naked-feel, with moisture-wicking technologies.

These padded string crop tanks are comfortable and functional. Ideal for both movement and rest.

Fabric: nylon, spandex blend.

About the design

The Yin and the Yang. The cosmic dance of polarities. It's no coincidence this is our first design and collection at the birth of Luzcrew.

Our lives have changed so much over the past few years. At times it feels like another hand is guiding the process. Our inward journey is full of challenges. There is confusion, shadows, grief, and fear. However, we are learning that the only way out is THROUGH.

As we begin to embrace both the Yin and the Yang in our lives, clarity, joy and love unfold! To cry. To laugh. To be fully alive is the greatest gift of this human life. Plunge into the sacred dance with us.

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